How to Make Wheat Flour

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The entire technical process of wheat flour milling is not easy. Having said that, our article still puts together its efforts to create a tree view of the major operations involved in the wheat flour production for the starters and the beginners. It will take you to the right direction on how to make wheat flour.

how to make wheat flour

1) Storage

After the wheat is harvested, the first step of milling begins with an elaborate testing process that checks the gluten quality, moisture balance, protein contents, weight and softness in the wheat. Now, it's ready to be stored in the silos.

2) Cleaning

In this second how to make wheat flour stage, the wheat is drawn from the silos for further cleaning and screening. This removes impurities in the wheat. Vibrating Screen and destoner are used to clean the wheat as per its shape and measurements. This is the same stage where contents like barley, small seeds and oats get removed too.

3) Tempering and Conditioning

As the stage suggests, here the wheat is tempered in the conditioning bin for soaking, softening and further enhancing its constituents. This also prevents the grain from breaking in the midway.

5) Milling

Now, this final phase of the how to make wheat flour journey, involves a machine to smash the milling wheat into a gazillion of fragments. This stage includes several process repetitions like sifting, grinding and more. This is also the stage when several nutrients are added to keep parity with the legal procedures of the wheat flour making. However, the nutritional value finally depends on the type of the flour produced. For ex., the whole-meal flour has all the contents intact after its processed in the mill. Hence. it contains the highest amount of nutrition among all flour.

In short, how to make wheat flour finally depends on its techniques in the entire milling process. The main process is to separate the endosperm from the wheat embryo and wheat husk and grind the endosperm into powder after the wheat seed is cleaned and adjusted by water. You automatically produce the best wheat flour to sell in the marketplace.

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